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Peppermint Crunch Crack Cookies - Party Pack of 4! LIMITED BATCH

$ 38.99


After a hugely popular limited test run in 2016, we're bringing it to you again - this time with a cheeky snowman in sunglasses. 

The PC is festive, bright, crunchy and with a peppermint-salty-chocolate crunchy punch that's perfect with a glass of red wine, a well-brewed coffee, perhaps a hearty winter beer and especially with a nice cup of spiked (or not!) hot chocolate.  

It's the same handmade salted toffee on a cracker with a layer of chocolate but topped with  crushed peppermint. Even if you're not a "peppermint person", just trust us on this one.  Or trust the cheeky snowman in glasses. 

And we are making a super limited batch this winter too so and they won't be around for long!  Available while they last and shipping directly from our kitchen in Brooklyn, NY. 


Two bags, 4.7 ounces each. Item contains four bags of Peppermint Crunch Crack Cookies. Available only through the holiday season while supplies last.






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