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Everything Crack Cookies - Make it a Double!

$ 23.99

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Part Cracker, All Cookie!  Featured on Good Morning America  as one of the most innovative brands from the Fancy Food Show! See it here.

See our Tastemade video with over 10 million views on Facebook and Instagram here. 

These are named Crack Cookies for two reasons: 1) They are made from a cracker or as we say "Part Cracker, ALL Cookie!" and 2) They are proven to be legitimately addictive by many customers. We say that knowing we have many, many repeat customers around the country! 

Salty, sweet, chocolately and crunchy.  Made with a crispy combination of a cracker,  salted handmade toffee, semi-sweet chocolate and topped with sea salt, the combination results in one of the best tastes known to mankind. 

And we just upped that a level with the addition of the Everything Crack Cookies. You know, as in an everything bagel. Yeah, we know it sounds weird. And it is. In the most insanely delicious and addictive way possible. This is a combination you have never tasted before: a crunchy cracker, covered with our handmade toffee and then topped with semi-sweet chocolate and sprinkled with our special blend of Everything  seasoning: garlic, onion, black and white sesame, poppy seeds and of course, sea salt.


Net weight 4.7 ounces each (133 grams). This item contains two bags of Everything Crack Cookies.

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