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The Triple Threat: OG, Everything & Peppermint Crunch Crack Cookies - LIMITED

$ 33.99

Amazing things come in threes - like the Triple Threat.  Available exclusively for the holiday season, you can get all three amazingly out-of-this-world delicious Crack Cookies together. Makes the greatest gift ever! 

The OG: The classic Crack Cookie topped with 64% Belgian chocolate and quality sea salt. Crunchy, sweet & salty - we have had so many people tell us they are the best things they have ever eaten!

Everything Crack Cookies: As in an everything bagel? YES. And it's insanely tasty in the most unexpected way you have never experienced.  Everything bagel seasoning topped on 64% Belgian chocolate. Theses are Crack Cookies dedicated to NYC. 

Peppermint Crunch Crack Cookies: We call it the PC. The PC is festive, bright, crunchy and with a peppermint-salty-chocolate crunchy punch that's perfect with a glass of red wine, a well-brewed coffee, perhaps a hearty winter beer and especially with a nice cup of spiked (or not!) hot chocolate.  Even if you're not a "peppermint person", just trust us on this one.  Or trust the cheeky snowman in glasses. 


This item contains three bags of Crack Cookies.



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